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Sexual Harassment at Dollar General

In September, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against Dollar General for the hostile work environment an employee faced.

In May 28, 2016, Dollar General hired an assistant store manager at its Rock Hall location.  Within a week of her hiring, the store manager began sexually harassing her. According to the lawsuit, he frequently made rude comments about the employee’s appearance and made sexually-charged innuendos.

The store manager also subjected her to unwanted touching; he even grabbed her head and forced it to his crotch while he made sexually explicit statements.  He also rubbed her shoulders and grabbed her and played with her blouse.

After the assistant store manager complained about the contact to Dollar General, the store transferred her to its Chestertown location rather than deal with the harassing store manager.  The transfer required her to work earlier and less convenient hours and added an hour to her daily commute. Dollar General refused to allow her to return to the Rock Hall store and even allowed the harasser to go to her store while she was at work.

The assistant store manager was forced to resign from her position in July 2016 because of the store’s inadequate response to her complaints.

The EEOC stated: “No one should be forced to endure sexually offensive comments or unwelcome physical touching to earn a living.  The EEOC stands ready to protect workers from this kind of misconduct, including litigation if necessary, if employers allow managers to abuse employees in this way.”