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Shot Stripper to Receive New Hearing

In 2008, LeAndra Lewis was shot by a stray bullet fired in the strip club where she performed as an exotic dancer.  Because of the incident, Ms. Lewis lost a kidney and suffered internal injuries.

Ms. Lewis filed for workers’ compensation benefits, but the club at which she worked argued she was an independent contractor and not an employee entitled to benefits.  Nevertheless, Supreme Court justices in South Carolina, where the incident took place, ruled that she was an employee because the club controlled which music she danced to, did not allow her to leave early without risking a fine, and required her to dance for certain customers.

However, the Workers’ Compensation Committee set her benefit award at $75 each week without documenting how it arrived at that amount.  Now, Ms. Lewis will receive a new hearing ordered by the South Carolina Supreme Court because the commission’s order “was devoid of any specific and detailed findings of fact to substantiate the award,” the court said.