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Social Security Disability Payment Schedule

Social Security Disability Payment Schedule

Whether you receive retirement, survivors, or disability benefits through Social Security Administration (SSA), when you receive your monthly payments frequently depends on your birthday. Prior to May 1997, everyone received benefits on the third of each month, but one day of payments became untenable as the number of beneficiaries continued to grow.

Out of necessity, SSA came up with a staggered payment schedule, but anyone who received benefits before May 1, 1997 will continue to receive them on the third day of every month. And the third of each month is still the payment date for people who receive both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits concurrently.

For people who receive only SSI benefits, they will receive their monthly benefits on the first of each month. In the event that the first of the month is a holiday, you can expect the money on the prior business day. The payment schedule for SSI benefits in 2021 is: 1 February, 1 March, 1 April, 30 April, 1 June, 1 July, 30 July, 1 September, 1 October, 1 November, 1 December, and 30 December.

If you receive only SSDI benefits, you can expect your monthly benefits to arrive on the second Wednesday of each month if you were born on the 1st to 10th of the month; therefore, you will receive benefits on 13 January, 10 February, 10 March, 14 April, 12 May, 9 June, 14 July, 11 August, 8 September, 13 October, 10 November, and 8 December in 2021.

If you were born on the 11th to 20th of the month, you can expect your monthly benefits to arrive on the third Wednesday of each month; therefore, you will receive benefits on 20 January, 17 February, 17 March, 21 April, 19 May, 16 June, 21 July, 18 August, 15 September, 20 October, 17 November, and 15 December in 2021.

If you were born on the 21st to 31st, you will receive your benefits on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Therefore, in 2021, your payments will arrive on 27 January, 24 February, 24 March, 28 April, 26 May, 23 June, 28 July, 25 August, 22 September, 27 October, 24 November, and 22 December.

If all of this information seems confusing, the date on which you will receive your disability payments through Social Security is listed on your award letter. SSA no longer sends paper checks, so you will need to have your monthly payments sent direct deposit to a bank account or loaded onto a Direct Express debit card. If you think you are missing a payment, SSA requests that you wait a full three days after you were supposed to receive your payment before contacting them. You may call 1.800.772.1213 to report a missing payment.