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Special Monthly Compensation

By October 30, 2018VA Disability

If you are a veteran with service-connected disabilities, you may be entitled to receive additional monthly payments above and beyond the basic compensation rates for some disabilities.

The VA will pay additional compensation, called special monthly compensation (SMC) to veterans who, as a result of their service-related disabilities, have lost the use of certain organs and extremities.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the following are disabilities that the VA will consider for SMC: loss of a reproductive organ; loss of eyesight (only light perception); deafness in both ears (absence of air and bone conduction); paralysis or immobility of a joint; and inability to communicate by speech.

The VA will also pay higher rates for combinations of these disabilities like loss of the use of feet, hands, legs, and arms in monetary increments based on the particular combination of the disabilities.