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Be Specific and Honest with VA Compensation Claims

When you file for a Veterans Affairs compensation claim, you can print a form and mail, fax it or submit it electronically through the VA and the Department of Defense’s eBenefits web portal.  You then have one year to complete your claim application.

To receive VA disability compensation, you must meet three criteria: 1) an event in service that caused or aggravated a disability or illness; 2) a current diagnosis of a medical disability or illness; and 3) a medical opinion connecting the two.

An event in service is something that happened in service that caused or aggravated a current disability.  Applicants need a current VA or private doctor’s diagnosis showing a medical condition related to the service event and the doctor’s opinion that the event in service and current diagnosis are connected.  Without all three criteria, a VA compensation claim cannot be granted.

When you file for your VA compensation claim, you include a Statement in Support of Claim.  You should write a separate paragraph for each disability you are claiming. It is also important to explain how the event in service affects your current disability or symptoms related to your illness or injury.  If you have service medical records, include them as evidence.