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Veteran Living in Van After Hacker Stole Disability Benefits

Jeff Slaughter is a disabled Persian Gulf War veteran who was recently told by the Department of Veterans Affairs that his account had been hacked when he did not receive his monthly disability check.  

Mr. Slaughter had been staying at a La Quinta Inn as he waited for new veteran housing to open in Houston.  But before it did, he ran out of money. He, his wife, his son, and two dogs are now relegated to living in a U-haul van in the hotel’s parking lot.

Mr. Slaughter became disabled when a soldier near him stepped on a landmine, and shrapnel cut his leg.  He was rated 100 percent disabled by the VA for PTSD. Because Mr. Slaughter has pets, he cannot stay in a homeless shelter.  

He has made many calls to various organizations seeking help.  United Way provided a small box of food for his family, but most other emergency aid organizations can only help with short-term financial aid for rent, not hotels.

Mr. Slaughter has tried to use the last hundred dollars he has in cash to extend his U-haul rental, but the company will not accept cash.  If he does not receive his disability benefits soon, he and his family will be homeless.

If you are a veteran receiving benefits, and you believe your account has been hacked, email or call 1.800.488.8244.