Winter Car Seat Safety

By February 1, 2019Personal Injury
Winter Car Seat Safety

Everyone knows it is important to protect children when driving in cars, but not everyone knows how best to do that where car seats are concerned.  Clearly, you cannot allow your child to go outside without proper outerwear because exposure to the elements can result in numerous problems. But you also need to make sure that he or she is secured safely in a car seat before going anywhere.

Since children are the most vulnerable passengers in cars, it is important to secure them appropriately in their car seats.  If your child is wearing a large, puffy winter coat, he or she will not be adequately restrained in the event of an accident.  These kinds of coats can add up to an entire inch of space between the child and the straps.

Safety officials recommend that parents always perform a pinch test to ensure their child is securely strapped into the car seat.  After putting the child in and securing the straps, pinch the safety strap to see if the strap is up against the child’s body. The safety strap needs to be directly next to the child’s body for it to be effective.

If there is too much space between your child’s body and the straps, don’t put the child in the car while wearing such a thick coat.  Consider leaving the puffy coats at home for when children are playing outside and reserve a lighter-weight coat for car travel. Or bundle your child in blankets that rest over the car seat.