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Awaiting a decision on your Social Security Disability claim can be stressful.  For many, it can be a major hurdle just to make ends meet as bills begin to mount each day.  Consequently, applicants often ask whether they may work while waiting for a decision on their Disability claim.  With decision wait times nearing two years, the question is more important now than ever before.

By definition, a person is not disabled if she works and typically earns more than $1,040 per month.  Additionally, even if one doesn’t earn more than $1,040 per month, the time spent working can nevertheless hurt her claim.  As such, complications often arise when a Disability applicant works during the wait.

However, your claim is not necessarily beyond repair if you have already attempted to work while awaiting your decision.   Often, an attempt to work may not harm your case if you have gone back to work, but needed to stop within three months due to medical difficulties.

Although these considerations may seem like the beginnings of a financial crisis, they are central to your claim’s final outcome.  After all, it’s important to remember Disability benefits are meant to help you make ends meet when you’re unable to work.

Despite the financial struggles often accompanying a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, deciding whether to work can have a large impact on the success of your claim.  This determination does not have to be hard.  Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys can provide the knowledge and experience you need to navigate the application process and make the best decision for you and your claim.