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A father’s thank you for firm’s work obtaining significant medical malpractice settlement

By August 2, 2016 Personal Injury

Dear Mr. Freedman:

I am writing today to express my family’s  gratitude to attorney Brian Knauth.

In 2010 my son (age 30 at the time) became seriously ill and was taken to the Emergency Room of a local hospital. By the early morning hours of the following day my bet is that most present in the Cardiac Care Unit, while not saying it, were thinking his death was imminent. The coming weeks and months were filled with multiple near-death experiences, but by the grace of God and a team of dedicated medical professionals my son survived.

You often have heard the expression “something just doesnt smell right.”    We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have called Brian Knauth to investigate the circumstances surrounding my sons illness.

As Brian pushed and prodded for information the other side’s  first reply was to refute the case by only sending a select few of his records. Their message was: you have no case (look here and see), so do yourself a favor and drop the case now.

Thanks to Brians diligence and persistence, however, we eventually received what appeared to be complete records. The evidence of malpractice was glaringly evident in one regard, and hidden in a puzzle of 1000 pieces in others. Brian was simply spectacular in picking up on the sequence of events and expanding the investigation to uncover key critical evidence to prove and build the value of our case.  His ability to articulate a picture of general office dysfunction, the lack of good patient communication and follow-up, as well as questionable treatment protocol is what, in my opinion, made our case.

Additionally, I want to emphasize how professionally and compassionately Brian dealt with a very involved and at times highly distraught father (me). My son could no longer fight for himself, so when we met with Brian I always had a million questions. I am extremely grateful for the time he spent responding.

If I am reading the information found on the state website regarding medical malpractice correctly, my sons settlement is rated as “Above Average.”  With emphasis I attribute this to attorney Knauths willingness to look into each and every detail of the case. An awful lot was at stake and this victory will provide a lifetime of financial security to my son and his family.

I tip my hat to Brian for the superb job he did representing my sons interests, and to you for having employed such a competent attorney as part of your team.

A grateful father.