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Firm obtains close to $400,000 for client injured in head-on accident

By November 23, 2016 Personal Injury

Chris KerrIn 2010, “John” was just beginning to turn his life in a positive direction.  After a string of difficult years, he was getting on his feet and running his own business when his car was hit head-on by a drunk driver in the midst of a snowstorm.  He suffered a laceration on his head, general pain in the torso, which turned out to be a broken rib, and he had no memory of the event.  The emergency room physician recommended he see a neurologist to get a second opinion on the head injury.

“The follow-up with the neurologist did not show any significant results, however John, who desperately wanted to return to running his business, found he was incapable of managing the work,” said Christopher C. Kerr, senior attorney at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC. “He tried several other jobs, but for 12 months was unable to keep employment for any length of time.”

Prior to the accident, John, who was a body builder, was an extremely active and healthy individual. He knew the accident had to be responsible for his poor performance.  He turned again to a neurologist and eventually was diagnosed with a brain injury that affected his cognitive functioning.

“At that point he realized he needed to pursue the insurance company related to the accident to recoup his income losses and pay for his medical care, so he came to us,” Kerr said.  “We filed a personal injury lawsuit and were able to obtain almost $400,000 for John.”

The insurance company denied responsibility for every injury John had sustained, but through Kerr’s persistence in providing in-depth medical evidence proving John’s health conditions were all related to the accident, he was able to convince the insurers it was in their best interest to settle the case.

“John is an individual who shows a lot of initiative, so he researched surgical solutions to his problem and underwent two minimally invasive, revolutionary surgeries that helped him resume his life as it had been prior to the accident,” Kerr said.  “But he needed the funds to cover these procedures and his living expenses.  We’re very happy we were able to obtain a significant settlement for him that helped put his life back on track.”

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