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Freedman firm supports lupus sufferers in the Walk to Shine the Light on Lupus

Buffalo, NY — The staff and attorneys of Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC have formed a team to participate in the 2016 Walk to Shine the Light on Lupus fundraiser.  The Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York founded this event, which will take place September 18, 2016 at the Walden Galleria Mall.  This is the Lupus Alliance’s largest fundraiser, in its 21st year, with walks also taking place in Albany and Syracuse earlier this spring.  

“We participate in this annual event because we believe that it is important to support our clients and individuals from our community who have to deal with the day to day struggles that come with a lupus diagnosis” said Christopher J. Grover, attorney.  “Lupus is an auto-immune disease, which can affect multiple body systems, can take a long time to diagnose — and the complications arising from the disease can make it  very difficult for an individual to work.”

Lupus is not a rare disease. It is estimated that 5 million people worldwide — 2 million in the US and more than 105,000 in New York State – have lupus. According to the Lupus Alliance website, 90 percent of lupus patients are women between the ages of 15 and 45, and people of African, Asian, Hispanic and Native American descent are two to three times more likely to have lupus.

“Lupus comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes, making it very difficult to diagnose and treat.”  Grover said. “It can take up to five years of physical challenges and pain before an individual is accurately diagnosed.”

“We have several past and present SSD clients who have lupus and are no longer able to work due to the complications resulting from organ involvement, severe pain, and extreme chronic fatigue.” Grover said.  “Obtaining SSD benefits is time-consuming and difficult for anyone who has a disability, but for those who have lupus it can be even more challenging because they are often waiting for a concrete diagnosis.”

The Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York holds the walk each year, not only to raise money for lupus research, but also to bring attention to the disease.  The goal of the Alliance is to advocate, raise awareness and fund research for earlier detection, better treatment and, ultimately, a cure for this disease. For more information on lupus and the lupus walk, visit and consider participating or donating.