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Motor vehicles can have dangerous built-in defects

In the area of personal injury law, certain types of motor vehicle accidents arise on a fairly regular basis.  The following are some examples:

  • 18-Wheeler Accidents — Since 18-wheelers are generally traveling from state-to-state across the country, New York State laws may not cover all of the options to obtain justice for those injured in an accident with one of these vehicles. Due to the size differential of the vehicles, serious injuries and wrongful deaths often occur. Personal injury attorneys need to be knowledgeable about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; technology; business practices; and insurance coverages that apply.  The insurers of these trucks want to limit their liability, so they will send accident investigators to the scene immediately.  If you’ve been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, it is critical to retain attorneys who have expertise and knowledge of the federal laws to document the evidence in order to prove your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Defective tires — Next to your brakes, your tires are probably the most important part of your car. If your tires fail it can cause a serious accident — even a rollover — which can result in serious injuries or even death to those in the vehicle at the time.  Defective tires can “detread” (the layers separate) or blowout long before you would expect the tire to show age.  Rubber can break down because of heat and sunlight.  Tire failure can be the result of manufacturing defects, and if the manufacturer knows about the problem, it is required to alert consumers of the dangers. If you’ve had an accident caused by a defective tire, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys at Law, PLLC.
  • Heavy truck product liability — Passenger cars have strict regulations to protect occupants, but tractor trailers and other heavy trucks don’t fall under these regulations. Many of them have weak roofs and in a rollover these will crush.  Ineffective cab guards allow loads from the back to shift into the truck cab.  Any of these defects put the driver and passengers at risk in an accident.  Manufacturers can and should be held responsible if serious injuries occur as a result of their negligence in designing and building the cabs of these vehicles.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, suspicious tires, or a heavy truck cab that did not protect the occupants in a crash, contact the personal injury attorneys at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys at Law, PLLC.