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Personal Injury team from Freedman firm obtains more than $100 million for clients

By August 2, 2016 Personal Injury

The personal injury department of Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC, has a long and successful history of obtaining significant settlements for clients — including several above $2 million.  Three notable cases include:

Contractor receives $2.01 million for back injury

A 48-year-old contractor was carrying insulation up an unsecured staircase in a model home when he fell and injured his back.  The worker underwent two back surgeries and was unable to return to work for two years.  Brian D. Knauth, senior attorney, appealed a decision that went against the worker.  After a 10 day trial, the jury found the owner of the property and the general contractor failed to provide required safety devices, and this failure caused the incident and the resulting injuries.  After the jury verdict in favor of the client, the lawsuit suit was settled for payments totaling more than $2.01 million.

$1.7 million awarded to roofer injured due to lack of safety equipment

A young mans life changed when he was working as a roofer on a project constructing a large chain store and fell 25 feet to the ground, suffering serious injuries. The incident could have been prevented with the safety devices required under New York State law.  The workers lawsuit against the general contractor was settled for $1.7 million at trial based on evidence of the unsafe practices and lack of safety equipment. Christopher C. Kerr, senior attorney, also established that the young mans injuries would prevent him from returning to his career as a roofer.  Fortunately, our client had the initiative to start his own business using a portion of the settlement he received.  When we last heard from him, the business was doing well.

Injured teenager receives $1 million as result of school’s negligence

A teenaged boy who was born with mental and physical limitations sustained injuries to his hand and arm while using a saw in a shop class. By law, the school district was required to design an Individualized educational program that accommodated his special needs.  His placement in the shop class without adequate safeguards left the school district open to liability.  Christopher C. Kerr, senior attorney, negotiated a settlement of more than $1 million.  The settlement, his mother said, would improve the quality of her son’s life significantly.