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Workers Compensation settlements make a difference in the lives of those who have been injured

At the Freedman firm, we see a number of clients whose lives have been changed by serious injuries that have impacted their abilities to work.  When these injuries happen in the workplace, Workers Compensation doesn’t always just offer up a fair and equitable financial settlement.  It may become necessary for the claimant to hire an attorney with knowledge and experience in order to get the compensation he or she deserves.  In the past year, our attorney who focuses on Workers Compensation has obtained the following settlements for clients:

A registered nurse who suffered a severe injury to her thoracic spine received $210,000 and continuing coverage for her medical care.  The injury, although it caused serious symptoms, could not be improved with surgery.

An account manager who had to retire early due to serious neck and back injuries received a settlement of $200,000, plus continuing medical care. The client had undergone extensive medical care and had tried to work for almost 10 years after the injury and before retiring.

A corrections officer whose hand and shoulder were injured by a slamming door received $155,000 after the New York State Insurance Fund initially denied his claim.

A teaching assistant who was injured in a training exercise with the disabled children she served received $90,000. This was a complicated case because the woman had significant pre-existing injuries, however we were able to prove this injury was separate from the others and she deserved fair compensation for her pain and suffering.

If you or anyone you know has suffered an injury at work and needs help with a Workers Compensation claim, call 1-800-343-8537 for a free consultation.